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the exact date of the invention of the hand-blown glass technique is still unknown. However, archeological discoveries indicate the origin to be in Syria in the first century B.C. The technique was then spread all through the Mediterranean through the influence of the Roman Empire.


Menina is the work of art brought to life by Raymundo Sesma, realized in black crystal.

Menina is manufactured by a 100% artisan process, using the ancient technique of hand-blown glass.


A prestigious glass factory was brought in to create the objects with the help of its experienced craftsmen.

Every piece was realized with the supervision of the artist in order to ensure perfect finishing and to provide art collectors with a work of art of impressive quality.


Raymundo Sesma, creator of the series Campo Expandido, interventions in situ, and artist of the piece Menina, has been invited to participate in our project MezcalArte.

”A Work of Art with the Soul of Mezcal”

Raymundo Sesma’s career path started in the 70s when he decided to immigrate to Italy where he stayed for several years. There he learned to regard design as the important part in the relevance of the object and in the big transformations of space through the work of incomparable architects such as Bruneleschi and Renzo Piano.

Raymundo Sesma created for MezcalArte a sculpture in black crystal of unequaled character, proposing a new vision of space in its most sublime form as a container for the soul of mezcal, an innovative idea that may appeal to the lovers of utilitarian objects that fuse the art of sculpture with the art of mezcal distillation.


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